Naipo Foot Massager With Heat, Rolling and Tapping

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Personal Foot Massager. Cuddles feet with various functions: Tapping, rolling, scraping, Shiatsu, kneading, air compression, and soothing heating function (≈113°F). The massager taps rhythmically on soles, followed by subsequent taps on the calves and thighs, bringing further relaxation to your body, a feature distinguishing this foot massager from all others.
Ultimate Massage Combination. Rolling and kneading massage on soles stimulating foot acupoints, relaxing the body and calming the mind. Shiatsu massage on the arches loosens muscle tension and improves skin elasticity; Scraping on heels facilitates metabolism; Firm massage on insteps works wonders and creates an optimal massage experience.
Airbag Heated Massage. The interior stripes attached on the airbags can be heated, bringing instantaneous enjoyment mimicking the warmth of a realistic foot massage. Moreover, the airbags help stabilize the feet creating a more uniform pressure, delivering a professional foot massage experience that even covers the toes.
3 Intensity Levels. Choose your preferred massage and tapping intensity level among 3 levels and satisfy your massage needs: Low level for daily relaxation, Medium level for relieving mild soaring, and High level for relieving stiff feet.
Easy Handle Design. A practical and thoughtful handle on the massager promotes its easy transportation for a portable massage anywhere: from the living room, bedroom, office and more.


Zipper Control panel Detachable foot sleeves (To detach: unzip to detach foot sleeves / To attach: attach the hook and loop fastener and then zip upwards) *The Foot Massager MGF-839A is suitable for foot size up to 44,5.


Please disconnect the product from the power supply before cleaning. Please clean with a soft and mildly damp sponge. Please do not clean with any corrosive detergent (i.e benzene and diluent).