It provides an ideal , full body massage, whether you want to recover from fatigue, relieve pain or just relax, this product could become your best option for daily use. 5 massage techniques to improve flexibility and deliver a blissful relaxation session. Pressure-point detection which scans your shoulders and locates strategically the points that need applied pressure and tension relief. A gentle heating feature on the waist and feet further soothes any aching body muscles and improves blood circulation, enhancing the entire massage experience. * This product is sold upon request only. If you want more information regarding this amazing product, please contact us at 0743 929 929.


RK2106C is a high-grade, newly developed massage chair taking the shape of the body and providing a fully functional massage experience. An S-shaped back rail meets the human body’s natural curve while the four-roller massage mechanism delivers a soothing feeling. Rolling, kneading, pressing, tapping and massaging is applied on the head, neck, back, waist and hips and can eliminate stress from the whole body. There are 6 airbags on both seat sides and a control button which allows you to choose between different massage modes. There are 24 airbags inside the leg rest and footrest, giving your shanks and feet a fully firm and powerful massage, promoting blood circulation and relieving muscle aches.The heat function can further eliminate feelings of fatigue and make you feel warm and comfortable. The control panel has a wide-angle VFD display, a mute option for a silent operation and a smart sound & light navigation system. The flip-open cover allows easy access so that you can comfortably choose between your favorite massage programs. The massage chair incorporates an adjustable backrest and leg rest, providing maximum body relief. The footrest can be stretched out or drawn back (within a range of 13.50cm) so the chair is ideal for people of different body heights and types.


Please read the manual carefully before use, in order to install and operate the massage chair correctly and most efficiently. Please be aware of warning and caution signs and make sure that the power switch is switched “OFF” before inserting the plug into the socket.