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SKU: NPMG-2008

INTELLIGENT MASSAGE GUN The Naipo Massage Gun has auto-adapt speed, intensity adjustment, and use protection that automatically turns off at 15 minutes. At the same time, it is accompanied by stunning packaging, and makes a great gift for friends, family, and even yourself.


Only weighing 660g., the Naipo Massage Gun is completely portable and rechargeable. Its small size makes it easy for all to use, 4 massage heads for different parts of the body can be used alternately, allowing you to be in the gym, office, home, and other places at any time, enjoying a pleasant massage.


The NPMG-2008 is equipped with a 2600mAh high-quality rechargeable lithium battery, and depending on the speed of use, the battery life can go up to 4-6 hours. No matter what, the massage gun takes 4 hours to fully charge.


The muscle massage gun has an amplitude of 11.5mm, which is more than enough to relax tight muscles and relieve muscle pain. With a sound output of less than 60db, the NPMG-2008 makes you feel extremely relaxed when using the massage gun, due to its silent operation.


The Naipo Massage Gun has 5 adjustable speeds and its speed range is 1900-3200rpm. At the same time, the muscle massage gun can also accelerate intelligently by itself when you apply pressure while using it on your body.

Boost your performance with the ultimate workout buddy! The NPMG-2008 Massage Gun is an effective massage accessory for all; its versatility makes it an ideal tool for professional masseuses, physical therapists, athletes, and non-athletes as well. Its high performance and four massage extensions will help you relieve any tension in your muscles and make it perfect for enjoying after a strenuous workout session, or a long day at the office. It can improve the blood flow, making muscle regeneration more effective and accelerating the recovery of the body after a demanding physical performance. The gun weights only 660 grams, meaning it's easy to take anywhere you go - whether it's the gym, an important match, or a vacation, and even easier to store.

When using the NPMG-2008 Massage Gun, you can pick from five different speed settings and its small size makes iteasy to handle, even for self-massage. Aside from giving you a boost, it can also be used to activate and warm up your muscles before and after a workout, a significant race, or match.