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Is there a discount I can use?

All product prices are fixed.

Are there instructions?

You can find the instructions document in the box.

‘My Naipo does not work!’

First of all, we apologize! ☹ But have no worries, we are here to sort that out! Please send the product back to us so we can identify the problem and replace it for you.

Do you accept returns?

Returns are accepted within 14 days from the day of purchase and only if the product has not been used.

Is it safe for pregnant women, people suffering from heart disease, etc?

You should always consult your doctor.

How effective is the product?

We propose a challenge… Only once you try the product will you comprehend its efficiency and value! It successfully mimics a real-life massage and you adjust it anywhere you see fit.

Where can I use the Neck & Shoulder massager?

Anywhere you like, literally. On your neck, your back, your abdomen, your legs and even on your feet.

Is there a heating function?

Isn’t there always?! All Naipo products have an optional heating feature.

What contact details should I provide?

Name and Surname, phone number, the courier location or your personal address (street, house number, postcode, city).

How do I pay?

You can pay with a credit card through PlatiOnline on our website or with cash upon delivery.

Are there any hidden charges?

None, except when you choose the Cash on the Delivery payment option, which has an extra charge of 19 Lei.

What’s the delivery cost?

You shouldn’t worry for any delivery charges, since those are included in the selling price which is 330 Lei. (with Fan Courier)

How can I place an order?

You can order it through our website

How long does it take for the product to be delivered?

Based on the chosen delivery method, the delivery time varies between 2 to 5 working days.

‘It’s expensive!’

Now you’re just overreacting. 😊 Since you brought it up, let us refer to the many products that are currently on the market and vary in prices. Naipo exceeds its reputation when compared to the quality of other products and is the most cost-conscious.

How much does it cost?

Considering its advantages, you could say it’s ‘free’. But to be more specific, it costs 330 Lei.

Is it safe?

Is that even a question?! Of course it’s safe. Every Naipo product holds a CE Certification, a necessary document for legal distribution all around Europe.

I broke my charger. What do I do?

It happens to the best of us. 😊 We can ship a new charger over with an extra charge of 25 Lei plus delivery fees. Before you say ‘I love you Naipo’, your brand new charger will be with you.

Is there a warranty?

Of course, there is! Despite its reputation for durability and strength, all Naipo products have a 2-year warranty. Save your receipt and keep your mind at ease.

Where is it manufactured?

All Naipo products are manufactured in China.